Dunsmuir – a Good Place to Live in

Dunsmuir – the best place to live in California

Dunsmuir is a very small town in Siskiyou County, northern California. It is populated by approximately 1,650 residents.

Being so small, it enjoys very low crime rates with zero murders and rapes in 2016. This small community offers nice houses at quite affordable prices: you can find a 1,400 sqft single family home with a lot size of 8,500 sqft and with two bedrooms at approximately $270,000. Smaller houses of 950 sqft will cost around $140,000.

20% of the population is under 18. One-third of the population is at the ages of 25-44. 17%are at retiring age. In terms of race, 87% are white. The rest are black and Asian.

The weather consists of relatively mild winters with temperature reaching 50 °F in January although days with 29-30 °F are not rare. Summers are warm and even hot with 82 °F in June and 90 °F in July and August.

What makes Dunsmuir so unique is its natural surroundings. Located at the foot of Mt. Shasta (14,179 feet), it offers hikers plenty of activities in spectacular and breathtaking scenery of pines and the canyons of the Sacramento River.

You can engage in mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing – a paradise for those who are into extreme sports.

Would you want to live in a small town?

Living in Dunsmuir means living in a small town with the advantages and disadvantages it entails. You will enjoy the peace and quiet and tranquil atmosphere you will never have in California’s major hubs of transportation, commerce and industry such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego. The air is clean and people tend to be more polite and calmer.

On the other hand, for many people think a small town is a boring place with almost no places to hang out. There is a limit to how much nature can give you as beautiful as it may be. Sometimes you need the action and even the stress you will undoubtedly find in a big city.

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